Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sarah Describes Mad Max

After a successful groundswell campaign, a viewing of Pitch Perfect 2 and an assurance that it would be at Cinebarre, Sarah and I are prepared to see Mad Max: Fury Road tomorrow.

There's been concern in our household that Sarah won't be able to follow the plot intricacies, as she hasn't seen Mad Max, The Road Warrior, or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

Given that Netflix hasn't made these fine classics available, I asked Sarah to watch the trailers and then describe what she thinks the plot was.

MAD MAX (1979)

Sarah's Hot Take: "So the police officers suck. People are escaping from jails, especially the Glory Roaders who escape from jail and steal a baby from a woman on foot. I don't know if they get away with it because Mad Max's eyeballs get really big and then he blows things up. That's all that happens."


Sarah's Hot Take: "The bad guys have moved from stealing babies to eco-terrorism. There's a guy in dominatrix gear who really, really, really needs gasoline. A lot of nothing happens, but we better pray that Hot Mel Gibson will save the gasoline. I'm guessing he accomplishes his goal because there's another Mad Max."


Sarah's Hot Take: "Less Hot Mel Gibson tries to save a bunch of children, whose leader is Tina Turner. I'm not sure where they get the name Thunderdome except maybe Mel Gibson's pants. I guess the Thunderdome is that big metal thing with all the Lost Boys hanging down. Tina Turner's earrings are on-point."


Sarah's Hot Take: "A much hotter Mad Max than Mel Gibson steals some children from Bane. Bane has clearly aged from the last time we've seen him on screen. Charlize Theron is apparently one of these children. They shaved her head so she'd look young. A lot of explosions happen. This is the fourth trailer in a row that we've seen cars flip upside-down, and I'm already regretting that I told you I'd go with you to see it."

[Editor's Note: When I told Sarah that New Mad Max was Bane, her reaction was, "WHAT?!"]

Blog post incoming from The Wife tomorrow once she's seen the latest installment of Reasonably Upset Max's saga.


  1. Much hotter than Mel Gibson?!?! Sorry, not possible. In his hot days, at least.

    1. You crazy. Relevant: so is Mel Gibson.