Friday, July 31, 2015

Having adult fun

How do you have fun?

I have a blast doing silly things like singing anywhere, dancing to any music/muzak played in public, and pretty much embarrassing my husband.

Behold: all three combined!

(Shout out to Paul, who was so sweet and only complained like, 200 times. Thanks, honey.)

This is actually the fourth one we've put together, and although it's kind of a hassle (a lot of people pretend to be excited about it but decide it's too much work to actually record), I love every single one of them. Check out our first, second, and third ones here!

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Monday, July 6, 2015


We're at the point in our marriage (and age, I guess) where the majority of our friends have children. Babies. Womb fruit.* Seriously, everywhere we go, all I see is babies.

TMI alert
: Paul and I aren't actively trying for any children right now. In fact, I think the idea of raising another human being from literally nothing secretly freaks him out--which of course is why I use every opportunity to look at him with my motherly eyes and rub my non-pregnant belly.

Sometimes I softly sing "Baaaaaby!" to make it sound even more excited to start procreating, to which his reply is something like this:

(I imagine that is what our future kid will look like sliding out of my uterus. I'm pretty sure that's how this baby thing works.)

In all seriousness, I think I'd be an awesome mom but Paul keeps squashing that dream, insisting that we wait until after my brother and sister-in-love Sandra get married in Mexico next summer.

For now, since we don't have any kids and aren't planning on any for a while, I guess I'll just cope with my other two babies.

*Shout out to Amy Pagitt, who we first heard this term from and now use in reference to our fictitious children. She also uses serial commas, so she's practically my favorite of all time.