Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Best Christmas Songs

Need a new Christmas playlist for your commute to work, decorating the tree, or baking around the house? Look no further, the Hagans have your back! Here's a list of some of our favorites that we've been listening to in the #HaganHome. You're welcome in advance:

Best Overall Christmas Song (shut up, you know it's true)

Best Christmas Song from a Ballet

Best Christmas Song to Come Out of Peanuts

Best "Holy Moly, I Just Got Goosebumps!" Christmas Song

Best Christmas Song You're Embarrassed to Know

Best Christmas Song You Should be Embarrassed to Know but it's Actually Your Favorite

Best Use of Both a Rudolph and Santa Nickname

Best Jackson 5 Christmas Song

Best "OMG! I Forgot This Existed!" Christmas Song

Best Creepily Sexualizing the Holiday Season Song

Best Song for Stealing Christmas

Best Christmas Medley

Best "We Should Totally Watch Home Alone" Christmas Song

Best Do-Your-Best-Air-Keyboard Christmas Song

Best This-Isn't-PC-But-We-Still-Love-it-from-the-90s Christmas Song

Best Christmas Song from South of the Border

Best "J/K, That's Not The End!" Christmas Song

Best Christmas Song That Your Husband Isn't Allowed To Sing Because His Chipmunk Voice Is Terrifying

Best Christmas Song that Uses the Word "Shawty"

Best Song Your Mom Starts Singing Cuz She Knows It Was Your Favorite Growing Up

(I couldn't find a great video, but if you want a solid Christmas CD, download Fred Penner's The Season, apparently rebranded "Christmastime" even though my copy circa 1990 says otherwise.)

Best Non-Christmas Song

What's your favorite Christmas song?!

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