We eloped.

True story: only a handful of people knew that we were flying to Hawaii to get married, and all were involved in logistics. Considering we could count the number of people who knew on two hands, we knew we wanted to tell our friends all at once and make a big announcement (after speaking with family and super close friends, that is).

Let's see. Sar in love with Paul around July of 2013 during a poorly executed fireworks show in Waco. Meh, she probably fell in love with him before that, but she distinctly remembers laying on a blanket and looking over while he was making some sort of witty comment about the bad show, and just knowing that she was so thankful he was in my life. Err, then she moved to San Antonio and he moved to Washington and life got in the way. Luckily, life brought us back together (okay, so we texted everyday regardless) and in June, we decided to elope.

Well, kind of? We decided we should spend the rest of our lives together. Sarah was dead-set on getting married in Hawaii since her parents got married there (also an elopement!), and Paul was alright with just walking into a courthouse in downtown Seattle. She convinced him it'd be more fun to make a vacation out of it, and he shrugged and said okay. You can see how well this partnership is working thus far. ;) 

We first got plane tickets, then hired a wedding planner to take care of everything. We chose Maui because there's a direct flight from Seattle, plus it's a little less touristy than Honolulu. Our wedding planner took care of the beach permits (you have to obtain permission from the government to perform any event on the beach; permits because she had a backup one in case weather on our side of the island wasn't great), the wedding license application, leis, and hooking us up with an officiant (more on him later). She also recommended the hotel we ended up booking, a Marriott that had an infinity pool we went in only twice. Besides a Hawaiian wedding, Sarah's other only stipulation was that we hired an amazing photographer, and with a little Googling, happened upon Naomi Levit

Then we got married!

We also made an FAQ video during our honeymoon (since our friends were super excited but wanted to know the details ASAP!). We both answered a few questions that our friends kept asking, then mashed up our answers together in this 17-minute clip (sorry it's so long). 

Thanks for loving us and being so interested in our story, y'all. We're so lucky to have you as supportive friends/family members, and so grateful to have you in our lives!

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  1. totally just found the answer to my question about your photographer! Still think yall's wedding plan is the coolest ever!