Friday, July 31, 2015

Having adult fun

How do you have fun?

I have a blast doing silly things like singing anywhere, dancing to any music/muzak played in public, and pretty much embarrassing my husband.

Behold: all three combined!

(Shout out to Paul, who was so sweet and only complained like, 200 times. Thanks, honey.)

This is actually the fourth one we've put together, and although it's kind of a hassle (a lot of people pretend to be excited about it but decide it's too much work to actually record), I love every single one of them. Check out our first, second, and third ones here!

While you're internet stalking, check out the other awesome blogger/tweeters who participated this round:

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  1. Can't believe this is the same TPH dancing and lip syncing who you used to occasionally link to so long ago on your blog -- he's always been funny but you've got him so far out of his comfort zone. Gotta be love and the influence of a wacky wife. Good to see you included your whole family, though Banjo and Chloe got to work a bit on their lip syncing and dance moves.

  2. I'm so glad that I found your new blog. I was just thinking about you the other day & how much I missed your blog. Then today I saw Erin post this video & I found your new one! So much fun as always.

  3. Ok, so I LOVE how perfectly awkward Paul is. Love it so much. Banjo's got some pretty sweet dance moves too.

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