This is Paul.

(Written by Sarah) Paul is a tall dorky dude with a heart of gold. He's quite possibly the funniest person I know, which is most of the reason why I married him. He first charmed me over salsa at Chuy's and Dos Equis (without lime), but I fell in love with his heart and his dimples. Paul works in trade marketing for a Hasbro subsidiary called Wizards of the Coast, which is just as dragon-filled as it sounds, helping small business owners with their stores (and selling WotC products). Ask him about the awesome sea urchin incident on our wedding day.

This is Sarah.

(Written by Paul) Sarah is the most charming person you’ll ever meet. She always has a smile on her face, she has the kindest heart, and she has never met a stranger. I wake up each day feeling overwhelmingly lucky that I get to spend my life with her. Sarah works in downtown Seattle at Redfin's corporate office, which means she researches how to make agents happier and more engaged. Those who know her will vouch that’s the Most Sarah Thing Ever.

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